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Compensatory Funds Governance in Corruption Cases

Compensatory Funds Governance in Corruption Cases


Compensatory Funds Governance in Corruption Cases


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How to repair the damage that corruption causes? What to do with resources recovered from large illicit schemes? These are two difficult questions that this report seeks to answer. It starts from the assumption that corruption plagues development, promotes inequality, prohibits the population’s access to basic rights, reduces confidence in institutions and sabotages democracy. Precisely for this reason, it is essential to go beyond the recovery of assets that were subtracted from the finances of the States to think about how to ensure that these resources are spent consciously and with broad participation by society. The recovered money needs to be well invested in order to generate benefits for all and repair the damage caused by corruption. At the same time, it is essential to have an honest and transparent governance structure to reduce the risks of deviations in purpose and conflicts of interest in the use of these resources.

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Compensatory Funds Governance in Corruption Cases

Guide to good practices to promote the repair of damage to society.

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